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New Series on Guests


One of the things that we at Christ Church strive for is to be a welcoming and friendly church. We hope that whether you are coming for the first time or have been at Christ Church for years, you will feel like Christ Church is home. That requires effort on the part of established members of a church – it is easy to settle into a default mode of talking to the same friends each week, sitting in the same seat, and just observing guests. But if we are willing to make an effort to welcome and engage guests, we will find that the Lord will bless us with opportunities to minister and to be ministered to. Our own Dr. David Morris, the leader of our Guest Services Ministry Team, has some helpful thoughts for us to consider as we enter into a season of an increase in guests. Dr. Morris has written four posts that will be appearing here on the blog each Friday, as we consider the upcoming Lord’s Day services. Look here each Friday morning for his insights!

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