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It's a Square Man

The day started early, as our group gathered to head over to the construction site for the new church building for Torre Fuerte Iglesia Christiana (Strong Tower Christian Church). Starting early when you will be outside in the sun is a wise idea! So we arrived on site around 8 AM, and began learning the lay of the land and which jobs were needed. We moved block, cut metal rods out of a coil, straightened the rods, and bent them into square shapes. Being the square man was my particular effort. We build rebar “towers” with the squares and rebar, that will be used in the construction of walls. It was all very time consuming and hard – reminding me of how most work was done in the U.S. years before machines – but we were able to work together under Jamie’s supervision and made good progress for our first day.

After we knocked off for the day at noon, we went over to the facility that Torre Fuerte currently rents for lunch. The ladies of Torre Fuerte made an excellent lunch of bean tostadas, and we enjoyed fellowship. Then it was back to the hotel for a brief rest (siesta!) and to get ready for our evening’s English Camp. Our skit crew practiced and we went over our plans, and then headed off to Iglesia Christiana del Sur, where the English Camp was being held. The evening was a blessing, but also an opportunity to trust God and be flexible with our plans. More than 100 children and their parents came out for crafts, songs, sports, and English lessons. The first installment of the Jonah skit was a big hit. The greatest challenge was the large number of children under 6 who were present, but not exactly well organized or easy to keep on track. But by God’s grace we made it through, and learned some valuable lessons for the rest of the week.

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