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Headed South of the Border

The Christ Church team headed for El Paso this morning, divided into two groups: one on a Southwest Airlines flight, and one in a driving caravan. Our family (Deb, Paul, and myself) was on the flight. That meant an early start to the day, in order to get our group together, get through checking in and security, and on our 9 AM flight. Although the lines were long and slow, our whole group made it. At the same time, we have already been tested as to our flexibility on this trip. Two of our team members had to stay back in Katy because of illness, and then this morning another member had to visit the ER. Thankfully, the doctors were able to give some medication, and we will only have two late arrivals, not another two left behind. Upon arrival in El Paso, the 11 members who flew were greeted by our missionaries, Jamie and Jennifer Burkemper. The Burkempers have been supervising mission trips like our for most of the summer. It is hard for me to believe how they have kept up with such a hectic schedule of different teams coming in, and the dawn to dusk work that has been done each week. We all piled into a 15 passenger van and loaded our luggage into a pickup, and off to the border we went! The crossing into Mexico reminded me of my youth crossing into Canada, which was almost like going to another State. There was no interrogation, and we did not even have to show passports (although we were assured we would need them on the way back into the U.S.). Everyone is in good spirits, and we are excited to learn more about our week, and to worship at Promesa de Vida (the mother church for our mission) tomorrow. As usual when I am away, I will miss the Christ Church family, and miss being in the pulpit, but I am looking forward to meeting new friends and fellow ministers. Onward and upward!

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