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A 9-11 Perspective


Very busy day planned. Didn't get started out on the right foot. Wondering how everything will get done. Exasperated (at 9am!). And then I remembered what this date was like 12 years ago. I remembered the pain and the horror. I remembered being afraid for my boys (Abigail was not born yet). I remembered being afraid for me (Cleveland was announced as a possible target for the third still-flying plane).

I remember calling around to my fellow elders and planning an emergency prayer meeting for that night. I remember being hopeful that such a tragedy, such a heinous act, would shake America out of its doldrums and would remind people that life is fleeting and they will face a holy God, and provide an opportunity for the gospel. And I remember being disappointed soon after that as we slipped into the doldrums again, and now 12 years later many do not even think about what happened on that day, that September 11, 2001.

I’m thankful now for my kids (two of whom are in high school!). I’m thankful for my wife. I’m thankful for my health (even if I have aches and pains). I’m thankful for my job – my calling really – and the people of Christ Church, even when the work is hard. But most of all I am thankful that my hope is not in big buildings, not in defense plans, and not even in my own (often too frantic!) efforts. My hope is on King Jesus, who was then, and is now, on the throne, and who will return to set all things right.

9-11 never forget

 Never forget!

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good comments! good reminder! let us continue to pray for America to turn around!