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Featured Speakers:

Biao Chen and Xuguang Pan

Our 2018 Missions Conference had as its emphasis the continuing mission of the Church in China. Christian missions in China began in the early 19th century and expanded over the next hundred years. In 1865, J. Hudson Taylor created the China Inland Mission, but the work was still very small, with only dozens of workers in an area where there were hundreds of millions of inhabitants. Then during the civil war in China, missionaries were withdrawn from their stations in 1927. So in March 1929, the China Inland Mission, led by General Director D.E Hoste, issued a call for 200 new workers within a two year period.

Facing a Task Unfinished, ‘A hymn for the forward movement,’ was written by Frank Houghton for the Annual Meeting in May 1931 in support of the appeal for the two hundred. It appeared in the January 1931 Issue of China’s Millions. By 1932, the last of the 200 missionaries had set sail for China to spread the good news of the Gospel. Since that time, the church of China has grown from an estimated 100,000 who claim Christ as their Lord to millions, and the Lord continues to work in great ways because of the faithfulness of those that gave their lives proclaiming that Jesus died and rose. You can read more about this hymn and the modern rendition of it by the Gettys HERE.

At Christ Church, we are committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and to the world. We also are astonished at how the Lord builds His Church. A powerful example of the Lord's work is found in China, where in spite of persecution and scarcity of resources, there are now estimated to be between 70 and 80 million Christians. We are blessed this year to contemplate how we can help and pray for the work in China with our excellent speakers, Biao Chen and his wife Xuguang Pan.

Rev. Dr. Biao Chen is the Director of Chinese Language at Third Millennium Ministries and has been a founding Pastor of Orlando Chinese Evangelical Christian Church in Florida since 2004. He earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in China (1982 Nanjing Institute of Meteorology and 1984 Chinese Academy) and received his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences in Texas A&M University (1994). During his post-doctoral research at The Ohio State University, he became a Christian by God’s grace. He was called into the ministry in 1998 and obtained his M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando (2004). Rev. Chen is an ordained minister of the PCA and has extensive ministries in the US and East Asia Pacific by preaching at various gatherings and by training leaders in among Chinese churches and seminaries. He is presently enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at RTS. Before entering the full-time ministry, Biao worked at the various positions in universities and as a software engineer at Lucent Technologies Inc., and served as a deacon at Columbus Chinese Christian Church and as a volunteer in the local Chinese community. Biao and his wife Xuguang Pan live in Orlando, Florida, and have two grown-up children and two grandchildren. Xuguang has served in the Chinese Christian Internet Mission since 1999 and devotes significant time to training Christian women. She also served as a Chinese webmaster and media developer for Global Media Outreach, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ for several years. As a graduate in Computer Science from The OSU, she worked at Chemical Abstract and Qwest Communications for years.

Audio of the Conference Sessions can be found HERE

The individual sessions were:

Friday Night Welcome Dinner and Opening Session

Rev. Biao Chen spoke on How to Witness and Facilitate an Indigenous Gospel Ecosystem in Southwestern China

Saturday Sessions

Dr. Chen spoke at our Men's Breakfast on From False Witness to the True Witness of Christ (his conversion and call to ministry)

Xuguang Pan spoke at Women's Luncheon on The Gospel in Lives and Ministries of Pastors' Wives 

Sunday Sessions

Rev. Chen preached at our 8:30 and 11:00 AM services
Unfinished Task – May Your Kingdom Come (Acts 1:1-11, 28:17-31)

Joint Sunday school with a presentation on the Gospel of Kingdom in China, our ESL program, and our Summer Mission Trip to Peru

Rev. Chen presented about The Role of Theological Education in Church Development in China


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