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Once I Was Blind, But Now I See

April 30, 2023 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: John

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 9:13–41

One of the most significant obstacles to coming to Jesus is the sense people have that they do not need a Savior. “Jesus saves sinners” does not resonate with them because they believe that while others are sinners in need of a Savior, they are not in that category. People can fool themselves into thinking they have it all together and do not want to appear weak. They believe they have all the insight they need about life. But the incident that John records about the blind man reminds us just how wrong this kind of thinking is. The Pharisees were convinced that they could see everything they needed to (spiritually speaking) and that others were blind. But at every turn, the Pharisees missed the mark – about the man, his blindness, and Jesus. The man, however, expressed a simple truth that spoke volumes about who Jesus is: “I Once Was Blind, But Now I See.” (John 9:14-41)

I. Interrogation
II. Accusation
III. Determination

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