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God's Marvelous Plan

April 2, 2023 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Easter

Topic: AM Service Passage: Acts 1:1

The foundational truth of the gospel is that Jesus Christ died for sinners, paying the penalty of sin for those who believe in Him. But as we look closer at Christ’s substitution for us – that is, Jesus died in the place where we should have been – we see the wonder of God’s grace. That the Son of God, the perfect God-man, should suffer and bleed and die so that sinners could be reunited with God would be incomprehensible apart from the revelation of God. It makes no sense to us; we are so undeserving, He is so glorious; as the hymnist asks, “how can it be?” The Apostle Peter, after His last encounter with the Lord and fresh upon the anointing of the Spirit, tells us of God’s marvelous plan. In Christ, we are forgiven. And that is the work of God, bringing about His greatest good through the greatest evil of men. This is “God’s Marvelous Plan” (Acts 2:14-23).

I. Savior Revealed
II. God's Sovereignty
III. Light from Darkness

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