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None Are Lost

December 18, 2022 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: John

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 6:37–47

Have you ever wondered how you can remain confident in the gospel in the face of so many attacks and criticisms in the world today? How can we know that the cause of the gospel will be victorious? We might be tempted to think positive thoughts or to hope vaguely that events will turn out as we desire, but that is not a sure hope. Thankfully, the Lord Jesus Christ gives us every reason to trust that the gospel will be victorious. In John 6, He declares that it is the Father’s will that a people will come to the Son, and not one of them will be turned away or cast out. And how will that people come to Jesus? He tells us –they will look on the Son and believe. All who believe have eternal life. There is no exception. And so the call comes to you today: will you believe? You can have eternal life. You can know you are called by the Father. When you believe on the Son, you will know you are a part of those from whom “None Are Lost” (John 6:37-47).

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