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The Character of an Officer

August 7, 2022 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Jesus' Leaders in the Church

Topic: AM Service Passage: Titus 1:5–9

Officers in the Church are not chosen primarily for their skills or their ability to bring about results. They are chosen primarily for their character. In both his letters to Timothy and to Titus, the Apostle Paul makes this clear. Elders and deacons are to be men of high character, known for their godliness. That does not mean that they must be perfect, but that they must exhibit the qualities to which a believer is called in such a way that is evident. Officers are men who have been changed by the Lord Jesus Christ and display the grace of God. Leadership in the modern church too often focuses on style over substance. Paul shows us by inspiration of the Holy Spirit that what really matters is “The Character of an Officer” (Titus 1:5-9) 

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