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The Purpose of the Law

February 13, 2022 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Galatians: Freedom in the Gospel

Topic: PM Service Passage: Galatians 3:19–26

The apostle Paul has been somewhat repetitive in dealing with the issue of salvation by faith alone. He has gone to battle with the Judaizers who were attempting to add to the gospel. He has pointed out that justification for Abraham was by faith alone, just as their justification was by faith alone. He has pointed out the futility of trying to earn righteousness by obeying the law; for if you attempt that route, you are required to obey it in its entirety and you will fail! And failure to obey brings a curse. He has helped us to see how that the curse that is rightly and justly ours, has instead fallen upon Christ! Christ became a curse for us in His sacrificial death upon a tree! In the passage that Pastor King preached last week, we saw the relation between the law and the promise. And now we are ready to pick up at verse 19- where Paul asked the pointed question: “Why then the law?” This gives us the title for this message, The Purpose of the Law.

I. The Law Reveals Sin
II. The Law Shuts us In
III. The Law Drives us to Christ

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