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In God's Hands

November 14, 2021 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 2 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 2 Samuel 17:1–29

How often do you think about God? Or perhaps a better question is, how often do you think God thinks about you? It is all too common to assume that the Lord is busy and does not have time for the individual events in His’ people’s lives. The assumption is that God is occupied with world events, wars, and “important” people, and He cannot focus on ordinary circumstances. 2 Samuel 17 reminds us that the Providence of God “governs all His creatures and all their actions” (Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 9). As David’s kingdom hangs on a thread, it is essential for us to see that thread is none other than the Lord’s covenant promise in 2 Samuel 7. And so, in spite of wicked opponents, fear and hardship, and seemingly insurmountable odds, the Providence of God will preserve David’s kingdom. So it is with us and our lives when we know that we are “In God’s Hands” (2 Samuel 17:1-29).

I. Sovereign Providence

II. Liberating Providence

III. Precise Providence

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