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The King and His City

June 27, 2021 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 2 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 2 Samuel 5:1–5:16

Waiting is hard. To sit in the emergency room waiting to be seen. To stand in line at a government office. Even to wait as the days slowly pass until Christmas Day. Waiting is especially hard when we anticipate a blessing to come our way. David had waited a very long time for the day of his coronation as king of Israel. Many years on the run from Saul and seven and a half years of civil war had passed since God’s promise had come to David that he would be king over all Israel. But now the waiting is over. Nothing can stop the promise of God. Not rebellion, not wicked men, not foreign enemies. David is the king. And the king is used by God to fulfill an ancient promise to the Patriarch Abraham, to drive out the Jebusites from the land. So we see from the very beginning of David’s reign that it is not the King who has primary importance, but the Kingdom. We see the Lord blessing His people through His servant, David. We see God at work in “The King and His City” (2 Samuel 5:1-16).

I. A Coronation
A. The Waiting is Over
B. The Promise Kept

II. A Capital
A. Insignificant Beginnings
B. Significant Victory

III. A Consolidation
A. Foretaste of Glory
B. The Blessing of God's People

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