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Murder and Justice

June 20, 2021 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 2 Samuel

Topic: PM Service Passage: 2 Samuel 4:1–12

The beginning of 2 Samuel is filled with scenes that turn gentle stomachs. There is death, betrayal, and murder aplenty. Fresh on the heels of the murder of Abner by the jealous Joab, there is palace intrigue that results in the murder of Ish-bosheth. Once again, we have killers who believe they are doing David a favor in hastening him onto the throne. They take advantage of the weakness of the house of Saul and take matters into their own hands. Unlike the Amalekite, they do not have a false story to peddle, but they have a theological cover story. David will have none of it because he is steadfast in his trust in the Lord. He shows himself to be a king who values justice and righteousness, the forerunner of the Lord of righteousness, Jesus Christ. This is what we learn in the story of “Murder and Justice” (2 Samuel 4:1-12).

I. A Foul Murder (4:1-7)

II. A Theological Battle (4:8-9)

III. Justice Dispensed (4:10-12)

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