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The Message of Christ Crucified: As Set Forth in Prophecy

January 3, 2021 Speaker: David King Series: Non-Series Sermons

Topic: AM Service Passage: Isaiah 53:1–12

2020 will most likely prove to be one of those years, the events of which will live long in our memories as one which most, if not all of us, will never forget. It has been a year of uncertainty, civil unrest, political strife, the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID, as well as a whole host of social adjustments that many are describing under the rubric of a “new normal.” But each of these events of 2020, when viewed whether individually or corporately, remind us all very vividly that we are experiencing day by day the vicissitudes of a fallen world, change and decay in all around we see, as the whole creation groans looking in hope for the prospect of redemption. The sin of Adam was so extensive and catastrophic that it plunged him and all of his posterity into a “new normal,” wherein the contagious nature of sin spread through all of man, leaving no part of his nature untouched and unchanged. The image of God was marred in him, and the immediate effects of this contagion was that man lost fellowship with God, was rendered spiritually dead, and set us all on the course of physical death. In short, all creation, inclusive of all humanity, ever since has been subject to the universal pandemic of sin. But from the very first outbreak of this epidemic of sin, God promised what was to be the ultimate cure and vaccination for all who are willing to renounce the malady of sin, and lay hold of the only antidote by faith. God promised His Son as the only remedy for sin, and in all these years God’s antidote for fallen humanity has never changed. Christ Crucified is our only hope. “The Message of Christ Crucified: As Set Forth in Prophecy” (Isaiah 53:1-12).

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