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Hopeful Groaning

August 9, 2020 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 2 Corinthians

Topic: AM Service Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:1–5:5

We are meant to have a body. But that does not mean that our earthly body is all that there is. Paul points us to what life after death means for the Christian. We have been given a guarantee of our eternal heavenly body and home in the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I. Understanding Our Earthly Home
II. Longing for Our Heavenly Home
III. Guarantee of Our Heavenly Home

Questions for consideration: (1) Why is it important for us to know that our “earthly home” is not permanent? How does that help us to deal with the fears of this life? (2) Why does Paul want us to know that we will have a body after death? (3) How is the Holy Spirit a guarantee to us?

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