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Blind Bartimaeus

January 19, 2020 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Mark

Topic: PM Service Passage: Mark 10:46–52

This passage from Mark 10:46-52 signals the end of “Act 2” of the book of Mark. This section of the book (8:22-10:52) is marked with more teaching from Jesus to the disciples and Christ telling them what His mission is: to go to Jerusalem, be delivered to the hands of the Jewish leaders, die upon the cross and then rise from the dead. In this account, we see Jesus stop as He is on his way to Jerusalem so that He might show mercy to a man whose faith provides us an example, Blind Bartimaeus.

I. The Poverty of Bartimaeus
A. He was blind
B. He was a beggar
C. He was marginalized
D. He was desperate

II. The Spiritual Sight of Bartimaeus
A. He was blind in body, but not in soul
B. He cried for mercy
C. He looked to the right place for mercy
D. He was persistent

III. The Great Mercy of the Savior
A. Jesus stopped to show mercy, even in the urgency of His mission
B. Jesus saw this man’s faith

IV. The Ready Obedience of Bartimaeus
A. He immediately followed
B. We, like Bartimaeus, are unremarkable, destitute, blind, and poor
C. We should follow Christ with a similar selfless abandon

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