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Message of Destruction

January 12, 2020 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Micah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Micah 1:1–16

What do we think about God’s law and His revealed will? The challenge for the Church is often seen as being whether the Church will believe what God says and that He means it when He speaks. But it is perhaps more important that the Church sees that God’s truth applies not just to the world out there, but to the Church in here. We are tempted to hear God’s judgment against sin as only coming against a wicked world and not the sin that is found in the Church. The Lord sent His prophets to make sure that the Old Testament people of God would not make that mistake, and the people of God will do well to listen to the voice of the prophet Micah as he speaks the Word of the Lord. We will only see our need if we hear the “Message of Destruction” that God brings as a warning (Micah 1:1-16).

I. Warning that Terrifies (1:1-4)
A. The Lord as Witness
B. The Lord as Judge

II. Turn that Surprises (1:5-7)
A. Judgment Comes Home
B. Sin the Lord Hates

III. Grief that Motivates (1:8-16)
A. Straightforward Grief
B. Grief that Leads to Repentance

Questions for consideration: (1) What is the consequence of failing to see the Lord as a judge? (2) Why is it so hard for God’s people to see their own sin? What has blinded you to your sin in the past? (3) How has grief or disappointment led you to repent or to go back to the Lord?

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