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To God Be the Glory

June 16, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 11:33–11:36

At the end of Romans 11, the tone and content of Paul’s letter begins to shift. The heavy theology and difficult questions fade into the background as Paul gives praise to the Lord God for His unsearchable knowledge, wisdom, and ways. Clearly, Paul is moved to praise by both the greatness of God’s mercy to both Jews and Gentiles and also by the main subject of the letter itself – justification by faith alone. This passage is one of the greatest doxologies (statements of praise) in all of the Bible. In fact, we must be careful that we are not so enamored with the poetical beauty of Paul’s praise that we fail to comprehend what he is saying. We must know the central thrust of what Paul is saying, even if we do not completely understand it, so that we may join in, saying with Paul, “To God Be the Glory.” (Romans 11:33-36)

I. The Depths of the Glory of God
A. God’s Riches
B. God’s Wisdom
C. God’s Knowledge

II. The Incomprehensible Glory of God
A. God’s Judgments
B. God’s Ways

III. The Sovereign Glory of God
A. God Needs No Help
B. God Owes No One Anything
C. God Is All in All

Questions for consideration: (1) What are the dangers of failing to see Paul’s description of the unfathomable wisdom and knowledge of God? (2) When is it most difficult for you to trust the Lord in His judgments and ways? Why? What can you do to increase your trust in Him? (3) Why does Paul think it is so important that we see God as completely sovereign?

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