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All Israel Will Be Saved

June 9, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 11:25–11:32

Paul has spent a good amount of time in Romans 11 (and in chapters 9 and 10 also!) setting forth the ongoing and future relationship between the Lord and the physical descendants of Abraham – the Jews. He has done this for two main reasons: the first, which occupies much of his argument in chapters 9-11, is that God’s promises have not failed and that He has not completely nor finally rejected the Jews. The second, which he takes up directly in verse 25, is to tell the Gentiles in the Church not to be prideful in their own salvation, something thinking that they are better than the Jews. Paul explains to the Church that a partial hardening has come upon the Jews not because the Gentiles were worthy, but because God has decreed in His own wisdom to call to Himself a Church full of both Jews and Gentiles. As a result, in the penultimate section of chapter 11, Paul delivers a prophetic view of the future of Israel. His words in verses 25-32 have been interpreted in a variety of ways, but most of all, we must be careful not to see them in a way that violates the rest of the Bible. No matter how we view the details of “All Israel Will be Saved” (Romans 11:25-32) it cannot mean a salvation apart from faith in Christ. That has always been God’s plan and purpose, even in the days of Abraham, as Paul made clear in Romans 9.

I. Why Does Paul Take This Up?
A. It is Important
B. It is Practical
C. It is a Culmination

II. Who is “All Israel?”
A. All the Elect
B. Elect Within Israel
C. Mass Conversion of Jews

III. What Can We Learn from This?
A. About the Gospel
B. About the Church
C. About God’s Ways

Questions for consideration: (1) Theology is important. But why is it important? What is theology designed for? (2) What does this passage teach you about interpreting the Bible? (3) What does this passage teach you about God? How does that help you in your everyday life?

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