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Responding to God's Word

May 19, 2019 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 1:22–25

The book of James tells us that we are the receive God’s word with meekness and that it can save our souls. Yet, how should we respond to God’s word as we read and hear it? Do we merely come to God’s house and ‘put in our time’ and hear God’s word without doing anything with it? James tells us that if we do that, we are deceiving ourselves! Instead of just hearing the word, we are to obey it! It is obedience that brings blessing. If we want the living Word to have its proper effect on us, we must be sure that we are responding to God’s Word with obedience.

I. The Deception of Hearing Without Doing
A. Looking
B. Departing
C. Forgetting

II. The Blessing of Hearing and Doing
A. Looking
B. Persevering
C. Remembering
D. Obeying

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