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What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Mark

Topic: PM Service Passage: Mark 8:31–38

In the previous passage (Mark 8:27-30), Peter unquestionably answers the question of who Jesus is. In verses 31-38, the question of what it means to follow Jesus is undeniably answered as well. This text tells us that to follow Jesus means that we come to Him and die! The theme of death permeates this text. Yet, as R.T. France said, “The death of which these verses speak is not a meaningless of tragic fate, it is freely accepted and purposeful. The suffering and death of the Son of Man is necessary, (it is) the means of fulfilling his messianic mission.” Mark retells the story in such a way that leaves us gripped with the gravity of Christ’s words, and yet… for those who know Him… deeply satisfied with the price that they have paid to be His disciples, and in the riches gained from following their Savior!

I. A Confused Disciple
A. A Suffering Messiah
B. The Rebuke of Peter to the Master
C. The Rebuke from Christ

II. The Conditions of Discipleship
A. Deny yourself
B. Take up your cross
C. Follow Christ

III. The Consequences of Discipleship
A. It is only as we lose our life will we gain it
B. There is nothing on earth more valuable than our soul

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