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Which Righteousness?

May 5, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 10:1–13

The story of all human history is a search for peace and hope. The Bible makes clear that this story started in the garden of Eden when Adam rebelled against the Lord God His Creator and desired to be “like God.” It was this choice that ushered in sin, and since that time, all humanity – whether acknowledging God or not – began attempting to bridge the gap to God. Paul tells un Romans 10 that the problem of his countrymen, the Jews, was that they were attempting to come to God based on their own merit and worth. They were seeking a righteousness that they could produce and for which they could obtain credit. This is the way not only of the Jews of Paul’s day but of every person in all times (including our own) who seeks God apart from Jesus Christ. It is only through having the righteousness that comes by faith, which is not our own, but is the gift of God, that we can come to God. The question you must ask yourself today is “Which Righteousness?” (Romans 10:1-13).

I. Righteousness Based on the Law
A. Does Not Understand the Gospel
B. Desires Its Own Way of Salvation
C. Will Not Submit to God

II. Righteousness Based on Faith
A. Is Found in Christ
B. Is Near
C. Is for Everyone

Questions for consideration:  (1) Why is it so important for us to know that sincerity and eagerness are not the way to God?  (2) Why will God not accept what we have done as righteousness? Why tempts us to believe that He will accept our works?  (3) Why does Paul talk about both a profession with the mouth and belief with the heart?

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