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A Powerful God Using Small Means

March 31, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Exodus

Topic: PM Service Passage: Exodus 8:1–19

I. The Lord shows His sovereignty
A. God repeats His command (8:1)
B. God renews His threat (8:2)
C. God sends His plague (8:3-6)

II. The sinner’s rejection a curse
A. Rejecting God’s power (8:7, 18)
B. Rejecting God’s purpose (8:8)
C. Rejecting God’s mercy (8:15, 19)

III. The believer’s acceptance a blessing
A. Obedience (8:1, 6, 17)
B. Confidence (8:9-11)
C. Prayer (8:12-13)

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