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Election 2: God's Sovereign Mercy

March 10, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 9:14–18

When the Bible sets forth the doctrine of election, the most common response (often from believers and unbelievers alike) is that election is unfair. We tend to look at election and salvation through the lens of what is deserved (that is, justice) rather than what is undeserved (that is, mercy). We want God’s grace, but it is hard for us to give up the notion that we deserve God’s grace just a little more than other people do. So when we hear that God choose those to whom He will show mercy, we assume that God acts like we do – showing either favoritism or arbitrariness. The truth is that the Lord is just in all His dealings; in fact, the Lord is the one who establishes the very concept of justice. It is wise for us when we consider salvation not to think in terms of justice, for that leads only to condemnation and destruction, but instead to think in terms of “God’s Sovereign Mercy” (Romans 9:14-18).

I. Is God Unjust?
A. Objections to Election
B. Proper Way of Viewing Election

II. God’s Sovereignty in Mercy
A. Salvation is Not About Justice
B. Salvation is Not About Our Works

III. God’s Sovereignty in Judgment
A. God Has a Purpose in Judgment
B. God’s Judgement is Just

Questions for consideration: (1) When we say that God is unjust in the doctrine of election, what are we assuming? What are we forgetting about? (2) What is the alternative to election? What do we have to believe regarding salvation in if we choose that alternative? (3) What is it important to remember about people in general, or about yourself in particular, or even about Pharaoh?

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