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Election 1: God's Sovereign Choice

March 3, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 9:6–13

One of the most difficult things to consider in the Bible is the Lord gave His promise to the people of Israel, many of whom in turn rejected the fulfillment of that promise, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Paul had described his anguish for the salvation of the Israelites, who had been given so much by God – the covenants, the law, worship, and the promises. It would be possible for someone to suggest that because the Israelites did not believe in Christ, that the promises of God had failed. Paul will have none of that! He explains that the word of God has not failed, but that God is fulfilling His purposes through His own sovereign will. In Romans 9, Paul opens one of the most challenging of doctrines in the Bible – the sovereignty of God and election. He shows that salvation is ultimately about God and His will, not about man and his will. This is what we see in “Election 1: God’s Sovereign Choice” (Romans 9:6-13).

I. God’s Promise Has Not Failed
A. The Accusation Raised
B. The Answer Provided

II. God’s Election Established
A. God Election Produces His People
B. God’s Election Does Not Depend on Man

III. God’s Purpose is Necessary
A. For the Certainty of Salvation
B. That Grace Might Be Grace

Questions for consideration: (1) Why do you think the doctrine of election is so difficult for many people? To what do they object? (2) Why is election important for you to understand? How does it help you to think about your salvation? (3) When someone objects to election, what are they saying about God?

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