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Nothing Can Separate Us from God

February 10, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 8:31–39

What is your greatest fear? For many of us, the greatest thing we fear is to be abandoned, especially by those that we love. Children often wonder out loud whether their parents will come back from an evening out. That may seem silly at first, but then as the children grow up, the parents fear that the children will abandon their aging parents! This fear of abandonment, of loss of love, is no more profoundly disturbing than when it occurs in the Christian. Circumstances, trials, and suffering can lead the believer to wonder whether God has abandoned him. As he concludes the great eighth chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul asks a series of questions designed to give the believer the answers he needs to know that God will never leave him nor forsake him. More than that, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can come between the Lord and His people. Because of who the Lord is and because of what He has done in the work of redemption, we need to know and be confident that “Nothing Can Separate Us from God” (Romans 8:31-39).

I. God is For Us
A. Seen in the Fact of Our Redemption
B. Seen in the Cost of Our Redemption

II. God Has Justified Us
A. No One Can Bring a Charge
B. The Guarantee of Our Redemption

III. God Has Established Us
A. Nothing Stands in Our Way
B. We Are More Than Conquerors

Questions for consideration: (1) How does it help you in the struggles of life to know that God is for you? Specifically, how does that help you to battle sin? (2) Why does Paul talk about four aspects of Christ’s redemptive work in verse 34? How can each of those aspects help you have confidence that you are redeemed? (3) What things are you tempted to believe will separate you from Christ? How does this passage answer those temptations and give you confidence?

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