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God’s View of Man’s Anger

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 1:19–21

In this text about anger, it may seem that James is abruptly shifting gears. However, he is really giving us some very practical help and reminding us of what the new life in Christ should look like. He said in verse 18 that it is by God’s own sovereign, merciful will, that believers have been brought forth by the word of truth. James helps us see that this changes even our speech, our listening, our emotions, and our actions of anger! What does God think about our sinful anger? God is displeased with the sinful anger of man; it is antithetical to the Christian life. However, this text also demonstrates how we should deal with that anger: by putting away uncleanness and receiving the Word with humility.

I. The Alternative to Anger
A. Quick to Hear
B. Slow to Speak
C. Slow to Anger

II. An Analysis of Anger
A. Righteous vs. Unrighteous Anger
B. Why Man’s Anger Displeases God

III. The Antidote to Anger
A. Put Away Uncleanness
B. Receive the Implanted Word

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