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Clean Pots, Unclean Hearts

December 9, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Mark

Topic: PM Service Passage: Mark 7:1–23

The Pharisees have already been significant antagonists of Christ and His message. This text helps us to peer into their hearts just a bit to see just how dark it is. Seeing inside of the heart of a Pharisee is not pretty. Viewer discretion is advised! However, we may just see a little bit of ourselves there as well- because apart from the Good News of Jesus Christ…Except for the grace of God- we would be right there with these self-righteous leaders of God’s people! What truly matters in our obedience is our hearts!

I. The Hypocrisy of the Pharisees
A. Their accusation
B. Their traditions and ‘extra’ rules
C. Their corruption of heart

II. False Defilement
A. Christ’s response
B. The Isaiah quote
C. The vanity of false worship.

III. True Defilement
A. Not from the outside
B. True defilement comes from the heart
C. The heart of the matter is the heart

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