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The New Life 2: Slaves to Righteousness

November 11, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 6:19–6:23

There are only two paths in life: either rejecting Christ and embracing sin or faith in Christ that leads to righteousness. These two paths are mutually exclusive, and they are revealed by the life that a person lives. When a person accepts Christ as his Savior and places his trust in Him, he begins a new life. It is a life marked by a progressive and increasing conformity to the character of God – in short, more and more holiness. For this reason, the Apostle Paul reminds us that when we have been freed from sin, we are bound to the Lord. The fruit of our lives should be our growth in holiness, for we are no longer earning the wages of sin – death, but instead enjoying the free gift of God – eternal life. That eternal life in Christ starts right now; it does not wait for us to leave this world behind. We need these reminders, and so Paul gives them to us for encouragement and exhortation, as he shows us “The New Life 2: Slaves to Righteousness” (Romans 6:19-23).

I. A Helpful Illustration
A. Understanding the Past
B. Obeying in the Present

II. The Way of Death
A. Freedom from Righteousness is Slavery
B. The Shameful End

III. The Way of Life
A. The Fruit of Righteousness
B. The Free Gift

Questions for consideration: (1) Why do you think Paul speaks to us “in human terms?” In what way are we limited in our understanding? (2) Are you ashamed of anything in your life, now or in the past? Why do you think shame could be a good thing? (3) Why is it important for us to see that sin has wages but eternal life comes from a free gift?

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