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Tested and Tried

September 23, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 1:2–4

Of the many and varied subjects dealt with in the epistle of James, the first that he takes up is the subject of trials. James takes it for granted that trials will come. This is not news to the Christian. All of us can easily attest to the fact that we are faced with trials of all manner and variety. Yet, we are often surprised by them- either because they are such an abrupt change in our plans, or because we sometimes feel we deserve better. Because of the challenges that trials bring, how do we face them? How are trials part of the grand providential plan of our sovereign God? Do we bristle when we face them? Are they the source of constant frustration and angst? Or, does James have a lesson of how we are to face them? Does James give us a view into God’s glorious plan of redemption- and how it plays out for us in the daily living of our lives? As you may have guessed, James does help us in this! James 1:2-4 shows us that when we are "Tested and Tried," there is a purpose in those trials. They are to test our faith and to produce steadfastness in us. And with that window into God’s plan for us in our trials, we can “count it all joy” when we meet those various trials.

I. Trials are sure to come
A. Not ‘if’, but “when”
B. They are many and varied
C. They are to be met with joy

II. Trials test our faith
A. The Purpose of Testing
B. The Comfort in Testing
C. The Result of Testing

III. Trials bring Steadfastness
A. Definition of Steadfastness
B. Call of Steadfastness
C. Completion of Steadfastness

Questions for consideration:  (1) Are you surprised by your trials? How does having a biblical understanding of trials help us when we are in them?  (2) What does it mean to “Count it all joy” when you meet trials? How can we take comfort in times of testing? (3) What is steadfastness? How is God working steadfastness in you through trials?

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