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Justified by Faith Alone

August 26, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 4:1–12

In chapter four of Romans, the Apostle Paul pursues the matter of salvation- how a person can be right before God. He has rejected righteousness by the works of men and all boasting that would come from such works-righteousness. Now he unfolds the Biblical nature of how a sinner is justified before God: justified by faith alone. There is nothing we can do to justify ourselves; the only hope for sinners is to believe in the promise of God, who declares sinners righteous by faith. Paul shows us that we are not alone in believing the promise, as he draws on the Scriptures and their account of Abraham and David. By simply believing in the One who has promised to justify the ungodly, we receive the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, together with the forgiveness of sinners. What a blessing it is to give up the wages of sin, and to be “Justified by Faith Alone” (Romans 4:1-12).

I. Declared Righteous
A. Not By Works
B. But By Faith

II. Counted Righteous
A. Counted Forgiven
B. Counted Righteous

III. The Sign of Righteousness
A. No Conditions
B. A Testimony of Grace

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