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God is Just

July 29, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Nahum

Topic: AM Service Passage: Nahum 3:1–19

The justice of God is an attribute that is clearly seen throughout Scripture. God is perfectly righteous and holy and cannot look upon sin. Therefore, any delay of His justice reflects His mercy. In the time of Jonah, God had extended mercy to the people of Nineveh (the Assyrians) despite their great sin. However, in just a few generations, they were again living in a way that was exceedingly sinful. In Nahum 3:1-19, we see that God is Just. Here God lists the many atrocities of the Assyrians and says that His judgment upon them is inevitable. We often tend to reflect more upon God’s mercy than His justice. However, both are part of His essential character and describe His greatness. As we contemplate the justice of God, we see our great need for Christ, the one who came to satisfy the divine justice of God against us. In Him there is mercy and forgiveness for sin.

I. The Declaration of God’s Justice
A. A Final Woe
B. Fitting Judgement

II. The Defeat of Thebes
A. Defeated, despite natural fortifications
B. Defeated, despite allies
C. Defeated by the one facing defeat 

III.  The Destruction of God’s Enemies
A. The Futility of Preparation
B. The Fullness of the Devastation
C. The Finality of Destruction 

Questions for consideration:  (1) How can we as a church and as individuals “take a stand” for life and become more life affirming? (2) As you think about yourself, do you often compare yourself with others, or to God’s standards? (3) Considering Israel and Judah’s idolatry, what lessons should they have learned from God’s judgement of Assyria? What lessons are here for us?

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