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Overruling an Objection

July 15, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 3:1–3

In the first two chapters of Romans, the Apostle Paul has pressed home the point that everyone needs the gospel. He has stripped away excuse after excuse that could be given as to why a person would not need the mercy and grace of God. No one can plead ignorance, or their moral behavior, or their religiosity before a righteous and holy God. Now in the third chapter, Paul begins to interact with objections that could be raised, accusing him of proving too much in his argument. Does Paul’s challenge to the Jews mean that there is no advantage to being a Jew? And if so, what does that say about God’s setting apart the Jews? Does the fact that some people are unfaithful mean that God is not faithful to His Word or promise? Is God unrighteous to judge? In each of these cases, Paul rebuts the objection and shows that God is righteous in His judgment. It is clear that Paul’s opponents are not ready for Paul to “Overrule an Objection” (Romans 3:1-8).

I. What Advantage Is There?
A. Objection: Not What We Thought
B. Answer: God’s Word

II. Doesn’t Unbelief Nullify God’s Faithfulness?
A. Objection: God Falls Short
B. Answer: God is Not Judged By Sinners

III. Isn’t God Unrighteous to Judge?
A. Objection: Sin Shows the Glory of God
B. Answer: This Denies What God Has Revealed

Questions for consideration: (1) For what are you most grateful concerning God’s Word? Why? (2) Why do you think the Lord allows some sinners to persist in their sin and not believe the gospel? (3) What area of your life is hardest to live in conformity to God’s Word?

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