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God is Judge

June 17, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Nahum

Topic: AM Service Passage: Nahum 2:1–13

The Judgment of God is something upon which we often fail to reflect. Our culture would have us think that God is always kindly and never judgmental. However, that is not the god that the Bible describes. God is a God of judgment. However, to fully comprehend His justice, we must also understand who He is in His purity, holiness, and goodness. In Nahum 2, we read a vivid description of God’s judgment upon his enemies – but in the judgment and destruction of the wicked Assyrians, we learn that God is also in that process restoring His people. Yes, God is Judge (Nahum 2:1-13); but in His judgment, He shows mercy to His own and restores His people.

I.   God Will Fulfill His Purposes
A.  God’s Purposes Are His Alone
B.  God Does Not Always Explain His Purposes
C.    God’s Purposes Are Good

II.  God Will Destroy His Enemies
A.  Who Are The Enemies Of God?
B.  Why Must God Destroy His Enemies?
C.  What Does It Teach Us About God’s Character?

III.  God Will Restore His People
A.  God Loves His Own
B.  God’s People Are His Treasure
C.  God’s Destruction Of His Enemies Is A Blessing On And Vindication Of His People

Questions for consideration:  (1) Do you struggle with the things that you cannot know about God? Do you trust God enough to rest in His goodness even when He doesn’t explain His actions?  
(2)  Are you a friend or an enemy of God?  (3) Do you feel treasured by God? How does reflecting upon Christ and His work assist you in knowing that you are dearly loved by God?

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