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Righteous Judgment for All

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 2:12–2:16

How should judgment be made? That is, what criteria should be used in judgment? We are familiar with schools “grading on a curve” and have heard it said (often sarcastically) that something is “good enough for government work.” More and more, defects in products are explained away with the statement: “it is still in beta.” We have become used to judging things, actions, and even people by comparison to others. But throughout the ages, such comparisons are no more common than when people consider their standing before God. We view God as a kindly, doting fellow like us – who will look over our lives and give us the benefit of the doubt. “Nobody’s perfect,” we say, and we rely on that cliché for our eternal destiny. But the Apostle Paul will not leave us to rest in such a dangerous assumption. As Paul continues to press home the point that all have sinned and are unable to stand on their own before God, he shows us that God is truly “The Just Judge.” (Romans 2:5-11)

I.   Those Under the Law Will Stand Before God
A.  Hearing Not Enough
B.  Some Doing Not Enough

II.  Those Without the Law Will Stand Before God
A.  Testimony of Actions
B.  Testimony of the Conscience

III.  The Day of Judgment
A.  All Secrets Revealed
B.  The Gospel Accomplished

Questions for consideration:  (1) Why would someone think that just being a hearer of the law would justify them? What would make them different from others?  (2) What is the conscience? How has your conscience affected your life?  (3) Do you live like all your secrets are known by God?

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