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The Great Gospel

March 25, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 1:1–2

At the very beginning of Paul’s letter to the Romans, he emphasizes the central truth of the book, and indeed, the whole Bible – the gospel. Most of us have seen the definition of gospel: two old English words that together mean “good news.” But the question is whether we truly understand what that news is, and why it is so good. We can only understand the good news once we know the bad news of our fallen state and the bad news of all other so-called solutions. We can only understand why the news is so good once we look to the Lord and see that it is His gospel, brought to us by divine mercy. Our hope is found in “The Great Gospel” (Romans 1:1-2).

I. The Gospel is Good News
A. We Need Good News
B. We Get Good News

II. The Gospel is God’s Good News
A. The Gospel Comes From God
B. The Gospel is Spread By God

III. The Gospel is Sure Good News
A. The Gospel is the Promise of God
B. The Gospel is Announced in the Bible

Questions for consideration: (1) Why are people tempted to look for answers other than in the gospel? What happens when they do? (2) What does the fact that the gospel comes from God tell us about the nature of the gospel? What does it mean for your obligation to the gospel, both as a hearer and a speaker? (3) If we have the gospel, why do we need the Bible?

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