Paul's Great Letter

March 18, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 1:1, Romans 1:7

Paul’s letter to the church at Rome is perhaps the greatest systematic exposition of the gospel. Paul weaves together a tightly bound argument for man’s need for reconciliation with God, how God can be reconciled to sinners, and how redeemed sinners ought to live in light of their salvation. From the opening verses of the letter, Paul directs us to a holy God who has provided all that is necessary for sinners in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this first instalment of the exposition of Romans, we pull back and take a view of the entire scope of Paul’s treatment of the gospel. Romans is “Paul’s Great Letter” (Romans 1:1,7).

I. All Need to Be Justified
A. All Are Under Sin
B. God Is Holy and Just

II. Sinners Are Justified by God
A. No One Will Be Justified by What They Do
B. Sinners Justified Only by Christ
C. Sinners Justified Only Through Faith

III. Justification Leads to Righteous Living
A. Justification Changes Who We Are
B. Justification Changes How We Live

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