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Friendship & Jealousy

October 8, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 1 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Samuel 18:1–30

How do you want to be viewed by other people? Does your reputation concern you? If it does, then perhaps you take deliberate steps to do certain things to promote your reputation. If we are not careful, we can think that others’ assessment of our value is something we can control. But often reality intrudes in on our past laid plans – for reasons we don’t understand, some people are hostile toward us. Others may empathize with us and treat us kindly, even though we have not done good things for them. Why is this? The Bible gives us insight into this matter: our relationships and reputations are not solely transactional (I do for you, you do for me). Instead, the heart is key to relationships and reputations. A heart that is far from the Lord will inevitably be hostile to those who seek to follow the Lord; a heart that is humble before the Lord will shine before men. 1 Samuel 18 is a story of “Friendship & Jealousy” (1 Samuel 18:1-30).

I. Heart Far From God
A. Fear and Envy
B. Rage and Despair

II. Heart Humble Before God
A. True Friendship
B. True Contentment

III. Hope for the Heart
A. Giving Up Our Strategies
B. Giving in to God

Questions for consideration: (1) When have you been envious of others? What is the best way to fight the temptation to envy? (2) Why is humility such an important Christian grace? How can you cultivate humility in your life? (3) What is the real difference between Saul and David? What does that mean for you and your life?

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