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Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

September 17, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 1 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Samuel 14:47– 15:35

“Never judge a book by its cover,” we are told. We think about the truth of that statement in the context of things and people that look humble but are actually special. But there is another truth to that statement – it is possible for someone to go to great lengths to create a certain appearance when the reality is very different. Such was the case of King Saul. He was obsessed with how he appeared before men when he should have focused on his heart before the Lord. In the end, he learned what we should also understand, that there is no fooling the Lord. The Lord looks upon the heart, and covenant faithfulness is His standard. Our actions should not just be designed to make us look good; they should be the fruit of a heart that seeks the glory of God in all that we do. When we realize that life is not for show, we will understand that “Obedience is Better than Sacrifice” (1 Samuel 14:47-15:35).

I. The Lord’s Command
A. Vengeance is the Lord’s
B. Failure of Obedience

II. The Lord’s Regret
A. Consequences of Failure
B. Failure of the Heart

III. The Lord’s Judgment
A. False Repentance
B. Fearful Judgment

Questions for consideration: (1) What bothers you most about God’s command to Saul? Is there a part of you that thinks you would make a wiser decision? What does that say about your view of God? (2) It is fearful that Saul thought he had done enough to obey God. Does that kind of attitude show itself in your life? Have there been times when you thought you deserved praise from God, only to see later you had disobeyed? (3) What does this passage teach us about repentance? How can you put that into practice in your life?

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