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Here I Raise My Ebenezer

June 11, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 1 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Samuel 7:3–17

So often we think that it is our circumstances that determine what happens to us in life. We are discouraged by events and act as if their outcome is inevitable. This allows us to avoid responsibility for our actions and to act as if our attitude – especially our attitude toward the Lord – makes no difference. The story of Israel’s repentance after the return of the ark tells us otherwise. Here we have a scene that is remarkably similar to that before the death of Eli: the Philistines are lined up for battle, Israel is about to be attacked, and Israel’s freedom depends on the outcome of the battle. But there is a major difference in this scene! Instead of seeking to manipulate the Lord for their own ends and benefit, Israel is repenting and returning to serve the Lord wholly. This is a powerful reminder that no matter what the circumstances when we repent and seek the Lord’s mercy rather than our own strength, we are delivered and can expect the Lord to sustain us. Let us cry with Israel, “Here I Raise My Ebenezer” (1 Samuel 7:3-17), that is the Lord is our help!

I. Repentance for God’s Mercy
A. Sorrow For Sin
B. Actions of Repentance

II. Receiving God’s Mercy
A. Understanding Helplessness
B. Sacrifice For Sin

III. Remembrance of God’s Mercy
A. Encouraged to Trust
B. Sustained in Grace

Questions for consideration: (1) In what ways have you made your repentance practical before the Lord? What actions have you taken that show you have truly repented of your sin? (2) Why do you think it is so important for sinners to realize that they are helpless before the Lord? What dangers come from having too much confidence in self? (3) What are some acts of God’s mercy to you that you remember? Why should we remember God’s past acts rather than just focusing on the future?

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