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Who is God?

May 28, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 1 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Samuel 5:1–12

When people think about God, they do not think about the God of the Bible. People imagine what kind of a “god” they would like (or that would be most advantageous to their desires) and that is what they focus on. It is acceptable to have a god that can be placed among all our other “gods,” as a source of blessing for us. But the God of the Bible cannot be limited by our desires – He is unlike any other god we could imagine. He is sovereign and powerful, and He will not allow any other to share His glory. The Lord reminds us through Providence that regardless of our desires, He is the only true God. This was a lesson that the Philistines learned after the capture of the ark. The Philistines thought that because they had taken the ark, God would have to serve them and their god, Dagon. To their great surprise, the Lord showed them that Dagon was completely powerless. God still works in this way today, showing the world that there is no God like the Lord. The question that comes to each and every person that does not follow the Lord is “Who is God?” (1 Samuel 5:1-12)

I. Unparalleled God
A. False Comparisons
B. True SupremacyII. Unstoppable God

II. Unstoppable God
A. Heavy Hand of God
B. Not So Brave Any More

III. Undefeated God
A. What We Learn About Ourselves
B. What We Learn About God

Questions for consideration: (1) The Israelites and Philistines had a similar view of God. In what ways are we tempted to view God as being like other powerful forces in life? (2) The hand of God was heavy on the Philistines after the defeat of Israel, but not before. Why do you think so? What does that tell us about God’s role in the world today? (3) What does this episode tell you about your perspective on events in the world today? The success of the Church??

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