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Our Vision: Serve the Kingdom

April 23, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Non-Series Sermons

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 13:1–15

The Church of Jesus Christ is established to serve her Lord. And in serving the Lord, the Church fulfills His commandment to serve others around them. Jesus gave us a glimpse of what it meant for Him to come to earth and live a life of service on behalf of those who were in rebellion against him. The Gospel of John records this glimpse that took place right before the Passover. To the surprise of His disciples, Jesus took on the role of the lowliest of servants, laying aside His outer garments and taking up a basin and towel. He did the unthinkable – washing the disciples’ feet! But this should not surprise us, because Jesus did what was even more unthinkable and humble, taking on human flesh and living under God’s Law so that a sinful people could be redeemed. This is a lesson we must learn and imitate: to serve others so that the Kingdom of God is advanced and the glory of Jesus is spread abroad. It is a central part of the mission of Christ Church: “Our Vision: Serve the Kingdom” (John 13:1-15)

I. Jesus Showed Us How to Serve
A. With Humility
B. With Others in MindC. With Purpose
C. With PurposeII. Jesus Calls Us to Serve

II. Jesus Calls Us to Serve
A. Because the World Needs Us
B. Because there is Kingdom Work
C. Because Jesus is Lord

Questions for consideration: 1. Why is humility so important as we serve others? What does it say about Jesus and the Kingdom when we are not humble? 2. Why should we care that the world needs Christians? What challenges does the world present that can keep us from serving? How can you deal with those challenges? 3. What exactly is “kingdom work”? How can we avoid the twin errors of not serving or seeing service as the only focus of the Christian life?

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