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The Light of the Nations

March 5, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Non-Series Sermons

Topic: AM Service Passage: Isaiah 49:6–12

If you watch too many news reports, you can begin to despair at the state of the world. There is so much violence, injustice, and pain that it can be hard to bear. What hope is there for people who experience such misery and hopelessness? It may be hard to imagine, but during the days of the prophet Isaiah, there was just as much misery and injustice. Isaiah looked at the world around him and saw constant warfare, thievery, and abuse. His nation of Israel was constantly threatened by conquest from without and wickedness within. But Isaiah received a message of hope from the Lord God. That message was that a Redeemer was coming; a Redeemer who would set the prisoners free, bring light to darkness, and food to the hungry. This Redeemer was a promise to those who were desperate for salvation. In turn, all those who had experienced the blessings of the Redeemer were called, like Isaiah, to spread the news to the ends of the earth. The promised Redeemer is Jesus Christ. We are called not only to come to Him but to spread abroad the good news that Jesus is “The Light of the Nations” (Isaiah 49:6-12).

I. Jesus is the Light of the World
A. To the Ends of the Earth
B. From Humiliation to Exaltation

II. Jesus is the Hope of the World
A. Grace Comes in Jesus
B. Blessing Comes in Jesus

III. Jesus is Our Message For the World
A. The Lord Prepares the Way
B. The Lord Sends Us Out

Questions for consideration: (1) How can the truth of Jesus’ humiliation be used to reach people? What does His exaltation mean for those who hear the message? (2) What does it mean for you to know that Jesus has been given for you? How does it affect your life to know that Jesus has brought freedom and light for those who are imprisoned and in darkness? (3) Why is it important for your witness to know that the Lord has prepared the way for you? What obligation does His preparation place upon you?

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