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Mourning the Pierced One

April 17, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Zechariah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Zechariah 12:1–14

It is hard when you feel under attack. The world can be a hostile place, and more and more it is hostile to the Church of God. Isolated and under siege, as followers of Jesus, we can wonder if we will hold up under such pressure. The solution is not found in some grand plan, but in knowing that the Lord has declared that He is sovereign and will protect His people. No matter how hostile the world is, the power of the Lord will keep His people safe. This is a word that the Lord wants His people to hear and live by – that their strength is found in Him. This word is even more marvelous when we realize that none of us deserve the protection and blessing of the Lord. In fact, we are guilty before Him, having spurned His love and rule for our own desires. God Himself has come in the Person of Jesus Christ, who was pierced for our transgressions, who died a death we deserved so we might have life and peace. As we look to Calvary, we mourn that our sin put Jesus on its cruel cross, but we know that we receive forgiveness and grace even as we are “Mourning the Pierced One” (Zechariah 12:1-14).


I. The Strength of His People
A. Who is This God?
B. How Will He Protect Us?
C. Where is He Taking Us?

II. The Provision of His People
A. God’s Initiating Grace
B. Looking to Jesus
C. Godly Sorrow and True Repentance

Questions for consideration: (1) Why is it important for our daily lives to have a clear view of the character of God? (2) What does it mean for you to know that the Lord initiates with us, even before we know we need His grace? (3) In what ways are you looking to Jesus to make it through this week? In what ways have you been gripped by a godly sorrow? What are you actively repenting of now?

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