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Jesus’ Gift to You: A Church Family

March 6, 2016 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: 1 Timothy

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Timothy 5:1–25

Introduction: The church is Jesus’ gift, so love it well!

I. We Are Family!
A. Your church is family (vs. 1)
B. Both of your families fall short (vs. 1-2)
C. Encourage, encourage, encourage (vs. 1-2)

II. Honor Your Widows!
A. Your family duty matters (vs. 3-4 & 8)
B. Your spiritual duty matters (vs. 5-7)
C. Your pastoral duty matters (vs. 9-16)

III. Honor Your Pastors!
A. Honor with fair pay (vs. 17-18)
B. Honor with fair dealing (vs. 19-21)
C. Honor the office too (vs. 22-25)

Questions for consideration: (1) How is your church like a family? (2) Who in your church can you encourage & how? (3) How should you be ready to care for your mother? (4) What sympathy a care should you give to widows in the church? (5) What can you do to help your pastors do their job well?