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Fear Not!

February 21, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Zechariah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Zechariah 8:1–23

There is much in the world today to make us afraid. Many people fear the government, their economic prospects, and the future in general. The real problem is that these fears are not irrational: we are living in days that are more and more unstable. Traditional culture and society are changing at break-neck speed; jobs that once seemed essential are now being replaced; and information continues to wash over us like a tidal wave. As we survey the world around us, we long for security and stability. In this way, we are not unlike many of those who have gone before us – especially the exiles returning to Jerusalem. More than once their world had been turned upside down, and now they were trying to pull their lives back together. When faced with such a daunting task, it would have been easy to give up. Instead, the Lord brought them a word of encouragement, reminding them that He was “the Lord of hosts,” powerful and sovereign. The Lord reminded them (and us) of His great and precious promises, and Kingdom He was preparing. When you are afraid and doubting, the best thing to do is to listen to the voice of the Lord. He is the one who tells you to “Fear Not” (Zechariah 8:1-23).

I. Because the Lord is Sovereign
A. He is in Control
B. He Brings Great Promises

II. Because the Lord Strengthens His People
A. With a Reminder
B. With a Call

III. Because the Lord Transforms
A. Fasting to Feasting
B. The Peoples Shall Come

Questions for consideration: (1) What things have the practical effect of hiding from you the power and control of God? (2) How can the relationship of obedience and blessing help you to live a life devoted to the Lord? How are you tempted by that same relationship? (3) In what ways has being committed to following Christ made your life better? How does that help you in evangelism?

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