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Discovering and Dealing with Sin

January 31, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Zechariah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Zechariah 5:1–11

One of the most common sayings is “nobody’s perfect,” but it is also very commonly believed that we are basically good. We may not be perfect, but there is not much for others to complain about us. The last few decades have seen a greater prominence of the visible excuse – whenever someone is caught in an embarrassing action, the solution is to find someone or something else to blame. “People don’t understand me” or “I’ve had a hard life,” or “you are to blame for judging” are often heard. On the surface this seems like a good solution, keeping us out of trouble and people off our back. But the reality is that in spite of our excuses, there is a deeper reality that we have to confront. There is the reality of wickedness and sin in the world, and even in our lives. God’s Word makes clear that no one is without sin: “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8) In his sixth and seventh visions, Zechariah is shown by the Lord how seriously He takes sin, and that the Lord will not leave His people vulnerable to sin. The first step toward godliness and joy, the Lord says, is “Discovering and Dealing with Sin” (Zechariah 5:1-11).

I. Sin Revealed (5:1-4)
A. For What it Is
B. For How it is Judged

II. Sin Restrained (5:5-8)
A. The Necessity of Restraint
B. The Mercy of Restraint

III. Sin Removed (5:9-11)
A. From God’s People
B. A Warning to the World

Questions for consideration: (1) Which sins are hardest for our society to see today? Which sins are hardest for you to see in your life? (2) What does the necessity of restraining sin tell us about our lives? About the nature of the Lord? About His work in your life? (3) Why does sin need to be removed in addition to being restrained? What does the removal of sin tell us about God’s judgment on the world?

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