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December 27, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Zechariah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Zechariah 1:1–17

Life is changing in America. If America began as a “Christian nation,” that is certainly no longer the case. There are many aspects of our official society and government that oppose Christianity, and more and more laws and regulations seem to place a burden on those living a life of faith. But perhaps, even more pervasive is the change in the society itself. It is not laws that change peoples’ view of morality, their place in the universe, and what is valuable. Culture has taken a decidedly anti-Biblical turn in the last few decades, and while some of this can be attributed to outside forces, the Church needs to face the fact that her inability to evangelize, enter the public arena with persuasive arguments and general complacency are to blame. All of this can be very discouraging. But the good news from God’s Word is that this is not a new phenomenon; and the better news is that the Lord has not abandoned His people. Zechariah speaks directly to the discouragement of God’s people, providing hope. The Israelites had recently returned from exile in Babylon and expected everything to be “right” once again. When life did not become perfect, they became depressed and needed a word from the Lord. Zechariah brought that word, starting with “Return!” (Zechariah 1:1-21)


Introduction: the who and why of Zechariah

I. Call to Return to the Lord
A. The Need for Repentance
B. God’s Call to Repentance
C. God’s Promises to the Repentant

II. Vision of the Sovereign Lord
A. God of Mercy
B. God with Us
C. God Who Builds Up

Questions for consideration: (1) What excuses in your life do you make to put off the need for repentance? Why do you think you do that? (2) How does the Church at large often misread the Lord’s call for repentance? How can you as an individual believer misread it? (3) In what ways in your life has the Lord shown Himself to be a God of mercy? How has the Lord shown Himself to be by your side and in the midst of your life?

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