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A Unified Community

October 4, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Covenant Community

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 17:1–26

Christians confess that Jesus came to save sinners, bringing grace and truth to those who place their trust in Him. Believers find forgiveness in Christ, but they receive more than that – they also receive a family. The work of Christ frees individuals from the consequences of sin, and also brings them together into the body of Christ. The Church is a community of redeemed sinners, where they can encourage one another and help each other. Jesus reminds us that we are called to be together as a community at the end of His ministry. Our unity as a community is grounded in our union with Christ and exemplified in the unity of God. When believers understand the whole work of Christ, the Church is a place that becomes “A Unified Community” (John 17:1-26).

I. Jesus Brings Unity (17:1-8)
A. Unity from God
B. Unity in Christ

II. We Need Unity (17:9-19)
A. Because We Are in the World
B. Because We Are Being Sanctified

III. We Go Forward in Unity (17:20-26)
A. To Bring the Message of Jesus
B. To Be Loved By Jesus

Questions for consideration: (1) How does our union with Christ require us to act toward each other? (2) What temptations and attacks in your life are harder to face when you are alone? How has someone helped you battle against sin? (3) What things cause division in the Church? What concrete steps have you taken to reduce division and foster unity in the Church?

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