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Looking Beyond the Surface

July 12, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 20:45–21:4

If some asked you what the most dangerous sin was, what would you answer? What sin poses a greater threat to your relationship with God? What sin is dangerous, but appears to be innocuous? Throughout His ministry, Jesus warns about such a sin. It is the sin of hypocrisy – a sin that convinces us that we are doing right in the eyes of God by our sin! “Beware this sin” cautions Jesus; beware trying to seem good and righteous while your substance is harmful and wicked. This was the pet sin of the religious establishment in Jesus’ day, and it threatens us now also. We must put appearances behind us and stop worrying about how others view us, and instead examine our hearts and look to the Judge of all things. When we do that, we can see the difference between hypocrisy and reality in something as small as a couple of coins. We find truth and hope when we are “Looking Beyond the Surface” (Luke 20:45-21:4).

I. Beware Your Heart
A. Outward, Not Inward
B. Seeking Self Value

II. Watch Your Life
A. Putting Yourself First
B. Putting on a Show

III. Live Before the Lord
A. Trusting the Sovereign Lord
B. Hope Found in the Lord

Questions for consideration: (1) What do you desire from life? Why? How does seeking those things affect your relationship with Jesus? (2) In what ways do you want to be noticed by others? What do you do to be noticed? (3) Why does Jesus point out the actions of the widow? What is He hoping we will see, and then do, as a result of seeing her?

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